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Strategy is setting the direction, defining the order of events, and naming resources. Solid strategy keeps brand programs, marketing campaigns, and sales enablement technology choices on track and more likely to succeed. We help you begin with the "why," establish the "when" and in what order, and articulate the "who" and "how."

Digital is more than a set of technologies you buy. It's the connections between humans, what they want to, what you want them to do, and how digital communication helps or hinders. CRC Marketing Solutions brings a unique combination of marketing communications understanding, creativity, and technical horsepower to every challenge.

What we do

Done well, strategy saves money, reduces effort, and breeds success. We work with clients to pave the way for program success through:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Marketing communication strategy
  • User experience strategy
  • Sales enablement strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Technical strategy

How we do it

CRC Marketing Solutions works with clients to set the road map, through:

User experience strategy

Understanding of the user’s current experience, vision articulation, quantification and analysis of touchpoints, organizational limits, and user road-mapping.

Marketing communication strategy

Campaign goals and limits, audience targeting, brand differentiators, competitive analysis, key messages, creative ideation, and cross-channel media planning.

Content strategy

Content audits, stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, tone of voice, process workflow, migration planning, and content governance.

Digital sales enablement strategy

Inventory and analysis of current tool set, stakeholder interviews, design/build versus purchase analysis, organizational barriers, user experience planning, and technology recommendations.

Technical strategy

Technology audit, stakeholder interviews, business goals and objectives, design/build versus purchase analysis, technology recommendations, and planning for integrations with existing systems.