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CRC Marketing Solutions is a creative marketing agency that delivers solutions for building businesses. Looking to increase brand engagement across all touch points? We’re a team of creative strategists who work with clients to develop compelling experiences that drive action, inspire trust, inform, and build strong connections between audiences and brands.

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Customizable templates for a scalable marketing campaign

Client: A multinational managed health care and insurance company that offers health care products and insurance services to more than 100 million members.

Challenge: The company sought to reduce production costs and maintain consistent messaging by developing customizable templates for communications that educate and encourage members to take advantage of preventive care benefits.

Solution: CRC developed campaign concepts for a scalable set of creative templates, designed co-branded print mailer and email messages for four topics, and wrote original copy and customizable text.


Logo and brand identity guidelines for a new company

Client: After selling part of its business and company name, the new business sought a compelling brand identity to launch its future.

Challenge: The organization needed to clarify its service offerings, create clear customer segments and messaging strategies, and articulate the brand personality—both visually and in words—to position the company for growth.

Solution: CRC conducted stakeholder interviews, developed key messages for each customer segment, and created a logo and tagline. In addition, we developed brand identity guidelines that included tone of voice, logo and tagline standards, typography, color palette, imagery, and print and digital examples.