Increase productivity with custom sales enablement tools

CRC Marketing Solutions creates custom sales enablement tools that are an exact match for your goals and business processes. Why settle for an off-the-rack digital tool built for the masses? We’ll build a customized solution that helps you gain efficiency, sell more, and save money.

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Case Study

Save time building sales presentations

  • Client: A Fortune 500 corporation that develops water treatment, purification, hygiene, and cleaning solutions for a wide variety of applications.
  • Challenge: Sales associates spent hours, or even days, building customer presentations that were inconsistent, often outdated, and not up to brand standards.
  • Solution: CRC built a tool to house hundreds of centrally managed PowerPoint slides and Word documents, allowing sales associates to quickly build, save, export, and share presentations in multiple formats. The tool integrates a cost calculator with current product information and pricing to help associates tell a complete sales story.

Case Study

Improve sales performance with product information management tools

  • Client: A privately held company that develops performance trace minerals to improve the health and wellbeing of animals and people.
  • Challenge: The sales team managed product data in 600+ Adobe InDesign files and various spreadsheets that were cumbersome to maintain and prone to error.
  • Solution: CRC built a database and content management system that allows the team to manage product information in a single central repository. The solution also includes a custom website tool that automatically generates product information PDFs.

“You cut days in half with this tool. It’s a lifesaver on quality of life for everybody.”

CRC Marketing Solutions client

“I call the website ‘The Parking Lot King.’ Hey, if I can be done and onto the next one in the parking lot, when I get home, I can spend more time with my family.”

CRC Marketing Solutions client

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