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The value of a strategic technical plan for your software solution

Most of us in the business world are technologically literate. That is, we are familiar with many different technology tools and have at least a basic understanding of what they do. This technical competence has many obvious advantages but it also has a potential downside: It can make business leaders leap to prescribed software solutions to their business problems and undervalue the role of strategy behind technology decisions.

Deciding between off-the-shelf and custom business applications? Think about your users

Do a simple Google search for “off the shelf vs. custom application” and you’ll find dozens of helpful and well-argued articles with convincing analyses of factors ranging from costs, features, and organizational and technical implications, to tax and legal considerations. Such articles can be useful as checklists to ensure you’ve done your due diligence when deciding how to approach the system or application you need. But one factor that is often given surprisingly little weight in the decision-making process (perhaps because it is difficult to quantify) is user experience.