Ten free tools to test your website’s performance

Ten free tools to test your website's performance

Now that you’ve finally got the perfect website built, welcome to the world of ongoing maintenance. It can be daunting making sure your site is always performing at an optimal level, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are numerous free tools available that’ll provide valuable information to help you keep your site running smoothly. Here are ten of my favorites.

1. Uptime Robot. Alerts you within 5 minutes if your site goes down.  

Uptime Robot

2. MXToolBox DNS Check: Tests the DNS performance of your domain to help you eliminate errors that may prevent users from visiting your site. MXToolBox provides a variety of other free tools for testing email settings, including MX record, SMTP diagnostics and blacklist check.

MXToolBox DNS Check

3. CheckDog. Scans your entire website for spelling errors and broken links. Although free, CheckDog requires you to create a trial account.


4. Discovery-Cryptosense. Tests the security of your server.


5. CopyScape. Seeks out duplicate or unauthorized copies of your website text.


6. SimilarWeb. Shows your ranking compared to similar websites and provides other interesting information like audience, traffic and referral data. SimilarWeb also lets you check the stats of competitor sites.


7. GeoPeeker. Shows what your site looks like from six locations around the world, even showing differences in region specific content.


8. Montis Full Page Load Tester. Monitors the size and load speed of every item that loads from your page. Its easy-to-read graphic interface helps you pinpoint areas of concern, make improvements and email yourself before-and-after results.

Montis Full Page Load Tester

9. WebpageFX Readabilty Test Tool. Tests the reading level required to comprehend your site.

WebpageFX Readability Test Tool

10. iPadPeek. Instantly shows what your site looks like on an iPad, iPhone or other iOS devices.


Web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari also provide free plugins to help test and diagnose issues. 

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