We’re CRC Marketing Solutions, a strategic and creative digital agency. We believe passionately in the power of service.

What makes us happy about getting up in the morning and working like crazy is solving our customers’ thorniest problems.

And we are 100% certain you’ll be happy you chose us. Ask any of our customers.



We make things that work

Quality is in our DNA. Whether we are developing a sound strategic platform, a digital environment that connects audiences to your brand, or empowering your sales team with the right tools, you can expect a great result.

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Say hello to big brains and hefty experience

It’s not bragging to say there is significant brain power here. But there is also the wisdom that comes from years of experience in understanding audiences and digital users and knowing what makes them act. Strategic thinking, creativity, and technical proficiency run deep in a team that offers customers maturity, skill, and the wisdom to succeed.


We stick around

If you are looking for “one and done,” that’s not us. We work best when we can develop long-term relationships with customers who come to see us as part of the team. We are your extra arms and legs and seek to understand your business intimately. If we build it, we are here to help you keep it running.

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We've been in business more than 40 years

When CRC was first incorporated in 1979, there was no such thing as an internet. Or a cellphone. Or really much of anything people use today. No problem. We don’t care. The tools are always changing and so are we. We learn, we adapt, we build. And our customers benefit.

Why the apple?

Since 1979, the apple has been our symbol. To us, it means creativity, growth, and regular grafting to create a new hybrid better suited to current needs.

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