They’re, their, there

They're, Their, There

“I.e.” and “e.g.” are two different things

i.e. and e.g. are two different things

A confession from a designer

I have a notebook problem, and one of the worst kinds. I am obsessed with notebooks and I am horrible at using them. I can spot a beautiful notebook all the way down the longest aisle in a store or in a stacked and stuffed-to-the-max shelf. I love the thickness, the way the paper feels, how it folds, and how a pen glides across its page.

Confession from a designer

Don’t forget to greet users at the back door

Don't forget to greet users at the back door

Yes, you are creative!

How many books have you read about how to be a creative thinker? Maybe you’ve attended creativity seminars, or tried to learn how to be creative from creativity experts. The idea of creativity has been mystified, elevated to some magical realm where only some of us feel welcome. It’s become Creativity with a capital C.

Yes, you are creative!